DOnUt/HWPO is RECRUITING: Street Team/Interns/Skate/Fixie/BMX Team/Artists

DOnUt & HWPO have linked up and have been making some major moves for Winter/Fall. A lot have changes have been made and now we are recruiting new bakers. We are recruiting new Street Team/Intern members. We will be building a new skate/bmx team. Also we are doing a special Art Gallery for an artwalk and are looking for any artists willing to do a DOnUt piece. Oh yea we also would love more models for our upcoming lookbook, so ladies hit us up. If you are interested in any of these email or
More info for each below:
Street Team/Interns:
We are looking for up and coming young people willing to represent DOnUt Clothing. Street Team will get products, promote, help with events, represent DOnUt, & compete for a spot on the staff. We are looking for kids & young adults (local & national) with a background and knowledge of streetwear & skate culture. If interested email us with a brief introduction of yourself and what you can bring to the table.
Skate Team/Fixie/Bmx Team:
We are looking for up and coming talented skateboarders & riders willing to work hard at what they do and represent us while getting flowed product and getting coverage on the site. If interested email or send sponsor me videos to us.
We will be having a exclusive Art Gallery for a Art Walk & we would love to give artists of any kind coverage. If you are interested and making a DOnUt piece of art for the gallery, (canvas, sculpture, painting, etc) hit us up.

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