SUPPORT: DOnUt “Soon Enough It Will All Make Sense”

A lot of stipulations and rumors have gone around about what DOnUt has really been up to & what we have been going through. We have laid low for the past few months because we are making a major transition into a business rather than a couple friends doing a clothing line. We have made a lot of big decisions in the past few weeks, we have seen people come and go, not to mention we have learned a lot of lessons in the whole growing process. Don’t worry though, we have some major projects in the works right now. Honestly, you can feel free to doubt anything we are doing, we thrive upon it. We stand for Do You, Not Them & we stay true to it. No matter what we will always do us and soon enough it will all make sense. We have chosen to take the quiet route to lead up to our new releases and projects. There has been a major growth in the industry & we are starting to believe that a lot of talk is cheap, so we decided that instead of saying “what we are about to do”… We are going to stay quiet and replace that statement with “This is what we have accomplished.” For the mean time, continue to check the blog, we will continue to make videos, keep the blog updated, and keep our supporters involved. This year I can truly say has been a blessing for the company & we are truly thankful for the loyal supporters who consistently check up on us, we have something special coming for them too. We didn’t go anywhere, we have just been busy.

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