Quick Edits | A skate session at Brooklyn Projects.

This Sunday we headed out to Melrose to have a private skate session at the new Brooklyn Projects Melrose location with Melloe & the Pasadena Crew. The new shop is beautiful and well put together, we got a chance to chop it up with Dom and he talked about the new spot. The day consisted of skating, street politics, car accidents, candy, & beautiful girls. Special thanks to Brooklyn Project’s DomMelloe for inviting us out. We couldn’t let you guys get some sneak pictures of the new store just yet, but we will have them for you soon as it is approved, Enjoy some pictures we did get below.
The new window display is clean & you will find a Coi Fish tank on the other side of the glass.
Mateo liked to scope out the ladies from a good eye level.
If this drink doesn’t define the process to our holiday line release I don’t know what does.
Weezy, enough said.
Dom & Melloe
The heat decided to come back for a day and leave a tan. California weather… you will forever confuse me.

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