Coverage | DYNT All Star Artwalk


Last Saturday DYNT held another Art Walk Event at their shop .  Overall the event was still pretty cool.  We thank everyone who stuck it out in the rain & avoided the LA out of town groupie scene from the All Star Weekend to chill with us.  They had free drinks, 2K11, a new limited tee, & a free printed photobooth.  Enjoy the pics below, more at our FLICKR.
IMG_8737 copy
Our 42 Touch Screen Photobooth kept everyone entertained.
IMG_8741 copy
Our brothers from “The Masses” rolled through to support check them out. Twin heather grey crewneck SWAG
IMG_8732 copy
The 2K11 went down, Stop using MJ Jeff!
IMG_8730 copy
Hey look its Migs & Brandon, our “Individual of the Week” feature.
IMG_8779 copy
Melloe Won of Brooklyn ProjectsLabels came through from Pasadena.
IMG_8735 copy
The Ladies of “IN” came through, they wrote a cool blog post about us too, check it out.
IMG_8714 copy
This dude brought us a piece for our walls, didn’t catch the title of it, but hey who doesn’t like boobs? Thanks Elijah!
IMG_8790 copy
Stevie Crooks has a show tonight, make sure you check out “THE WINE”, his newly released project.
IMG_8751 copy
Halftime Show
IMG_8783 copy
Dallas, fresh off the plain from Hawaii!
IMG_8796 copy
Thank you everyone that came!

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