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Interns Wanted!

Posted in Hard Work Pays Off, Videos, Whats goin on on February 26, 2011 by hardwrkpaysoff

DYNTHWPO are looking for a few dedicated Interns! We need some hard working applicants who are ready for a experience they definitely will not forget. Applicants must be an immediate reflection of our lifestyles; “Do You, Not Them” & “Hard Work Pays Off”. We want serious applicants who seek an opportunity to work hard and possibly grow with our family.

Our Interns must be driven, confident, and ready for any task handed to them. They must be enthusiastic about learning and gaining experience from every opportunity that presents itself. We ask for an availability of at least 3 days out of the week & resides in or near the area. These positions are not paid but you will gain experience and vast knowledge of the business, fashion, photography/film, marketing, etc. to help you progress in your field of interest. Depending on your evaluation, after the three month internship, there are plenty opportunities for growth within the company. Below, you will find brief descriptions of the three positions that we are looking to fill at this moment:

DESIGN INTERN – Assist the design team with any graphic design needs. The type of work that we do consist of apparel design, cut & sew design, fliers, logos, ads, etc. Please email us, you can include resume and portfolio of your work to

PHOTOGRAPHY INTERN – Take candid photos of all our events, artists and lifestyle for marketing and promotional purposes. This position does not require you to have your own camera, however you must be familiar with and know how to operate advanced equiment. You must have a flexible schedule and be able to work and stay focused at all times. Please email your resume and portfolio of your work to

HQ ASSISTANT INTERN – Organize, maintain and micromanage daily operations at our DYNT main office, work on promotion posts, blog updates, social networks. Please email your resume and paragraph about why you think your the perfect candidate for this position to

Thank you,

We are looking forward to meeting and working with you!



Motivation | HWPO/DYNT at La Sierra High School

Posted in Hard Work Pays Off, Whats goin on on February 26, 2011 by hardwrkpaysoff

Last week we were asked to teach a workshops at the District Conference at La Sierra High School. It was a very enjoyable experience and we appreciate all the love we received from all the students. Were trying to make a difference the best way we can, the only way we can. Were going to try and keep this up and motivate the youth. We need the future full of positivity and goal minded individuals. We can have a great future, if we do your job and pave the way for the kids.

DYNT Online Shop is up

Posted in Hard Work Pays Off, Spotlight, Whats goin on on December 21, 2010 by hardwrkpaysoff

Our online shop is up and running for everyone who missed out on our event. Go ahead and click the DYNT Gallery

Events | Small Steps to Greatness…

Posted in Hard Work Pays Off, Whats goin on on September 25, 2010 by hardwrkpaysoff

I’m sure you guys have been wondering why the post have been slow on the website lately.  Well, we just moved locations and that definitely had us busy, not to mention we didn’t have internet the first week and half.  We have also been slightly greedy with footage due to the fact that we have been shooting for a documentary and didn’t wanna give much away.  The post seem slower on this site because of the fact that we strictly post our work/content the most.  We also have been busy working, shooting media, photoshoots, videos, etc.  We apologize for the slow post and we will be on top of the blog now.  Don’t forget to check out our lifestyle brand’s blog “Do You Not Them“.

EVENT | Happy Birthday Mateo! “Boycott Mateo” Event Recap

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It’s always good to be able to celebrate another year of life, but its even better when you celebrate it with your team, family, friends & supporters. Mateo isn’t really big on parties but this year we definitely threw him one for the memory bank. Seeing to how this would be the only time that our team will be able to go out and have fun due to the amount of work we have to do, we thought we would make our one day of a night to remember. A over capacity Club 101 at Cantina Lounge in Fullerton was packed with enjoyment. The photos can be found on the DOnUt Facebook so make sure you add it to retrieve them, & the HWPO Flickr for those who do not have a facebook. Big Thank You to Phil of Cheeky Bastard Photography for giving us a break and handling the photobooth! Also a thank you to United Virtuoso & a happy birthday to Kenny & Epic!


SUPPORT: DOnUt “Soon Enough It Will All Make Sense”

Posted in Hard Work Pays Off, Whats goin on on September 24, 2010 by hardwrkpaysoff

A lot of stipulations and rumors have gone around about what DOnUt has really been up to & what we have been going through. We have laid low for the past few months because we are making a major transition into a business rather than a couple friends doing a clothing line. We have made a lot of big decisions in the past few weeks, we have seen people come and go, not to mention we have learned a lot of lessons in the whole growing process. Don’t worry though, we have some major projects in the works right now. Honestly, you can feel free to doubt anything we are doing, we thrive upon it. We stand for Do You, Not Them & we stay true to it. No matter what we will always do us and soon enough it will all make sense. We have chosen to take the quiet route to lead up to our new releases and projects. There has been a major growth in the industry & we are starting to believe that a lot of talk is cheap, so we decided that instead of saying “what we are about to do”… We are going to stay quiet and replace that statement with “This is what we have accomplished.” For the mean time, continue to check the blog, we will continue to make videos, keep the blog updated, and keep our supporters involved. This year I can truly say has been a blessing for the company & we are truly thankful for the loyal supporters who consistently check up on us, we have something special coming for them too. We didn’t go anywhere, we have just been busy.

Quick Edits | Don’t Worry We Are Alive!

Posted in Hard Work Pays Off, Videos, Whats goin on on August 25, 2010 by hardwrkpaysoff

Yes, we have had slow posts lately but we can explain!  We have been making some major moves and working on a huge project.  We also have been filming a documentary which has kept us from releasing certain footage!  Mateo’s laptop also went on a hiatus for a week so we are barely getting back into the stroke of things.  But you will not be unsatisfied when these projects show their faces!  Bare with us, we are gonna be updating more now, enjoy the video above with a couple previews of the month of August.  It’s grind time for HWPO/DOnUt so stay tuned!