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Shorts | DYNT Short commerical

Posted in Branding, Shorts on June 22, 2011 by hardwrkpaysoff

DYNT recently dropped some interesting tank tops to start off the summer. We liked the tanks so much we made a little commercial/short film for the tank and there gallery.


Commercial | DYNT 4:25 AM

Posted in Branding, Shorts on December 6, 2010 by hardwrkpaysoff

For the past few months its been a hell of a experience for us as a brand, we have been working non-stop to bring some relevance to the table. I find myself and my team calling it a night around 5/6 AM every morning then waking up at 9ish everyday to make moves. But I can say that the hard work will pay off soon, real soon

Quick Edits | A Man’s Bestfriend.

Posted in Shorts, Videos on November 30, 2010 by hardwrkpaysoff

You never know how much a lil conversation with a random person can impact that person’s day. I ran into this old man & his dog because I was amazed at the fact that he rides distances with his dog on the back of his bike perfectly balanced. He was telling me how he doesn’t have many real friends but how him & his dog “Rocky” always seem to catch the attention of others. He let me take a couple shot of him before he was on his way, I thought i’d just share him & Rocky with you so maybe if you ever come across him cruising the streets, give him a “hello” it will mean something to him.

Quick Edits | Rainy Day in California by Mateo Berry

Posted in Shorts, Videos on October 8, 2010 by hardwrkpaysoff



Mojo is in the woods! Follow His Twitter for Free DOnUt Goods!

Posted in Shorts, Videos on September 24, 2010 by hardwrkpaysoff

Everyone’s favorite Mascot has hopped on the twitter bandwagon & he’s quite entertaining. If you don’t know who “Mojo” is, maybe you have seen him in such shorts as “Karma” or “The Woods“. He’s our official mascot who makes appearances at events and in videos. Follow MOJO and be automatically entered to win free good from our upcoming fall/winter collection.

Dirty Sprinkles Preview

Posted in Shorts, Videos on September 24, 2010 by hardwrkpaysoff

We have been getting a lot of love from the DOnUt supporters including all the female supporters who always purchase the smalls in mens or the few girl prints we did. So we have been working to make sure all of our supporters are happy. Our women’s team is going hard right now. We have some special stuff coming just for THE LADIES! Gotta make sure our ladies are happy too! STAY TUNED!


Posted in Shorts, Videos on August 27, 2010 by hardwrkpaysoff

Short film featuring our DOnUt Mascot “Mojo”. Look out for a series of shorts with his cameos. He’s all over the place! Well, were going to be having a few fun videos for a while, so please leave a few comments, so we know what ya’ll think. DUECES.