Coverage | HWPO x Brooklyn Projects

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 We appreciate the love from all the supporters, who came out with us. This was our first collab with a well respected brand, and a first photo exhibit for Mateo. We had a great time and thanks again to everyone who came out to support.


EVENT | Labels x DYNT x Brooklyn Projects | Hard Work Pays Off

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While I am sitting here contemplating what to write for this post all I can really think of is “hard work truly pays off.” Five years ago you would have found me camping out in front of the original Brooklyn Projects off Melrose on the hunt for the newest pair of sneakers. I’ve always looked up to shops like this while having dreams of entering this industry. I would stop by their shop often while in the area, but would have never thought that I would be doing a collaboration event with the same people 5 years later. I am honored to introduce & invite you to “Hard Work Pays Off”, A Lifestyle Photo Exhibit & Event. The title best explains the meaning behind it. The heads over at BPLabels came to me to do this event,Big shout out to Melloe Won, we truly appreciate the consideration. The event will consist of a small photo exhibit, a LIMITED COLLABORATION T-Shirt, music, giveaways, drinks, & good times. This event means a great deal to me personally as well as my team. The event will be located at Brooklyn Projects Pasadena, so all of our LA friends have no excuses. Make sure you come out, chill with us, & take some pics!

Shorts | Support the Homies.

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This past Saturday we hosted a event entitled “Support the Homies” at our shop in Ontario. It was an amazing turnout that featured good vibes, good people, good music, an open bar & great product from everyone. We held a Pop-Up for some of our “homie” brands; LabelsBarely BrokeThe Daily Life, & ETRNLST. We plan on having more of these Pop-ups with more brands so be on the lookout.
3-19 047
We would have never guessed that this event would have turned out so amazing, we thank each and every one of the 150+ that came out to the event, including ODM of 99.1 Kggi whom we have worked closely with on the 99.1 “SLAM & JAM Celebrity Basketball Tour”. Special thanks to all the brands that brought their product, Phillip Matthews & anyone else who took photos, & anyone who participated in our “Many Faces” video. We tried to get everyone but it was just too many people to squeeze in. Enjoy some pictures below, more on our FacebookPhil’s Flickr.
3-19 070
3-19 046
3-19 044
3-19 039
3-19 037
3-19 027
Shout Out the Dauche of The Blurbs for bringing her crew all the way from San Diego. Thanks for the support guys!
3-19 024
Product was moving, Now Available Online.
3-19 062
IMG_0304 copy
IMG_0306 copy
IMG_0288 copy
IMG_0287 copy
Our RAFFLE WINNER went home with a nice care package from all the brands.
More pics on our FacebookPhil’s Flickr.




Coverage | DYNT Magic/S.L.A.T.E. Montage

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HWPO finally got a chance to send over the montage from Vegas last month. It’s a little late but that is due to the “Clientele list” they had to knock out. We work directly with HWPO, If you ever need Video Production/Photoshoots/Graphic/Web Design, ETC… hit them up.
The video consists of DYNT & friends in Vegas at the Magic/S.L.A.T.E. show from Feb 14-17. Showing more of the fun side of the week, who wants to see us talking business for a whole 3 minutes? ENJOY! See you again in August.

Events | Fifteen52 Quick Trailer

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We just recently put together this quick trailer for the Fifteen52 event from this past weekend. The final edit is going to be coming soon.

Events | Cars, Coffee and Fifteen52 Trailer #2

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We’ve recently been asked to shot this upcoming car event, coming next  weekend. There is going to be a whole lot of fancy european car’s and a lot people, backed with a beach setting. We actually had a chance to hang out with the people putting the show together and we decided to put together a teaser video to get everybody ready, build a little awareness. We only had a few hours to hang with the guys, but we ended up putting together this short little video.

Coverage | DYNT All Star Artwalk

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Last Saturday DYNT held another Art Walk Event at their shop .  Overall the event was still pretty cool.  We thank everyone who stuck it out in the rain & avoided the LA out of town groupie scene from the All Star Weekend to chill with us.  They had free drinks, 2K11, a new limited tee, & a free printed photobooth.  Enjoy the pics below, more at our FLICKR.
IMG_8737 copy
Our 42 Touch Screen Photobooth kept everyone entertained.
IMG_8741 copy
Our brothers from “The Masses” rolled through to support check them out. Twin heather grey crewneck SWAG
IMG_8732 copy
The 2K11 went down, Stop using MJ Jeff!
IMG_8730 copy
Hey look its Migs & Brandon, our “Individual of the Week” feature.
IMG_8779 copy
Melloe Won of Brooklyn ProjectsLabels came through from Pasadena.
IMG_8735 copy
The Ladies of “IN” came through, they wrote a cool blog post about us too, check it out.
IMG_8714 copy
This dude brought us a piece for our walls, didn’t catch the title of it, but hey who doesn’t like boobs? Thanks Elijah!
IMG_8790 copy
Stevie Crooks has a show tonight, make sure you check out “THE WINE”, his newly released project.
IMG_8751 copy
Halftime Show
IMG_8783 copy
Dallas, fresh off the plain from Hawaii!
IMG_8796 copy
Thank you everyone that came!